Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thursday's the new hump day...

I haven't slept in my bed in three days...can't wait until finals are over with. When they are I promise to update properly regarding my latest adventures. I'm excited for this weekend!!! More details to come.

I made this video for my Statements, Grants, and Proposals class. The assignment was to make a video that acts as an artist statement, something we would put on our website. I kind of had no idea what to do but I knew I wanted to do something light and fun (which reflects the nature of most of my work.)

Anyway, here it is.

That puppet is Nosferatu from the movie of the same name. I did a puppet show based on the movie for my final last semester in Blair Thomas's puppetry class. The project was a collaboration between me and a fellow classmate named Kim. I'll post the full length puppet show in the near future.

Until then - please enjoy your beds, do it for me. Try to relish in lovely spring time sleep.

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