Thursday, May 20, 2010

Craft Disasters and other stories

School is out! To quote Lady Gaga (and I will not do this very often) "I'm a Free Bitch, baby!!"

The last craft show I did was a truly awful experience. Not only did I sell only one item but my tablemates were bitchy and kept giving me dirty looks. It was very disheartening. I think part of the reason I sold so little was because my stuff was the most expensive there (roughly $15 - $30 per pair of earrings) and since it was at a community center, I don't think people were willing to pay that much. I also have a sneaking suspicion that it wasn't very well advertised. A lot of people who came through didn't seem to know what exactly was going on.

On the upside I got to chat up some friendly crafters (not my tablemates), I ate a ton of brownie cookies, and now I have some new merch on the etsy page. Check it out!

Gold Dust Woman Earrings

Good Night Moooon Earrings

In unrelated news I have begun watching True Blood. I really appreciate the overall darkness of the show and that it's not afraid to be visceral and disgusting, which is something I think a lot of modern day vampire shows are missing.

Sookie Stackhouse and Bill Compton (Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer) in Season 1 of True Blood. Stephen Moyer should be given an award for being the most attractive and believable vampire ever!

I researched it and Yes, you can actually buy this drink (not made from synthetic blood, of course). HBO sells it on their website - $16 for a four pack! A little steep for a carbonated drink.

Vampires Pam, Eric, and Chow ready for an attack! My most absurd dream job would be to play a vampire in a movie or tv show. You'd get to wear those fangs and be all confident and do a lot of sweet stunts! *Sigh* Perhaps I've gone into the wrong profession.

The sex scenes are a little bothersome. Not that sex scenes make me uncomfortable per se. I just get the feeling that in the book they were probably way more erotic and stimulating than HBO's version. I'm kinda getting tired of seeing that blonde guy get straddled by various boring looking women with fake seeming breasts. Other than that, the acting and storyline are great...even though I don't quite buy the whole shape- shifter thing (sorry if that spoils anything for other new watchers out there).

Now that the semester is over, I have been left with a frightening amount of energy. I went for a lovely 45 minute run this morning then came home and danced in my kitchen to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs while I made (and ate) lunch. Then this evening I walked the equivalent of 3 train stops back to my house carrying books and groceries. Weird. Maybe once Aerial classes start, I will be good and tired again.

I was mostly listening to this song by the way:

BTW, I am planning an early trip down to the Garfield Park Conservatory tomorrow after breakfast. I will be sure to write about it and all of its loveliness.

Happy Thursday <3>

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