Monday, March 29, 2010

Some News

So..I actually walked outside today wearing a dress with a cardigan, scarf, and NO COAT! Can you believe it!? It felt like seeing the sun for the first time in months. It was dizzying.

Speaking of being dizzy-ingly happy, I've finally got my Etsy Shop up and running with a small amount of items for sale. More to come, real soon...promise.

On a side note, I've discovered Polyvore. Heaven help me! I envision so many precious art-making hours being wasted looking through oodles of cute clothes.

My most recent creation:

That bag is super sweet, huh? Happy Tuesday!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Things

It's the last day of spring break and it's 38 stinking degrees outside but I am in a right, cheerful, mood because I have cleaned my room and I had the honor/privilage of attending Swap o rama rama today, leaving with two bags of "new" clothes.

Swap O rama rama is a giant clothing swap and D.I.Y community workshop that travels around the U.S. Everyone brings a bag of clothes which are sorted into large tables, ripe for the picking. Various D.I.Y stations are set up around the room depending on what day you go.When I went there was a puppet making workshop, jewelry making, embroidery, leg warmer making, and silkscreen/ tie dye. They even had live bands that played!! I left feeling pretty giddy about my new finds, though they require a decent amount of alterations on my sewing machine.

Other than that, here are some other things I have been up to lately:

-I've finally put my Doc Marten- covered foot down and asked my lovely friend take some photos for my Etsy page. I have been giving myself quite a headache trying to figure out my shop policies but at the same time, it's loads of fun. All those looong hours in the metals department are finally paying off. A little taste of what's to come:

All handmade by yours truly. I hope your interest is sooo piqued! Check back in a week or so to see my finished shop!

- I'm applying for a $1000 grant to cover various metal/ jewelry making supplies. This is developing into headache number 2 but the thought of having a proper home studio is unbelievably alluring. Any tips for successful grant writing would be greatly appreciated!

- Tried to watch Skins on Netflix since I keep hearing about that show. It's the standard popular- boy -obsessed -with- sex -and -himself storyline except it takes place across the pond. The smoggy weather and green fields in the background were lovely but the majority of the show involves nude skinny teens straddling each other. Makes me a little bitter My So Called Life was canceled.

- I am going to see the Women's Roller Derby tournament next month and I'm super excited about it! On a side note, I recently watched Whip It! which is a really fun movie if you're into roller skating and surface messages about girl power. I occasionally go by the alias Bambi St. Valentine when I'm a back up dancer for The Dangerous Strangers but in honor of Whip It! I'm thinking of changing my alias to Cat Snatch Fever!

The lovely Windy City ladies doing their thing!

So that's that...I hope this weather soon breaks so I can move forward with my late night picnic plans :(

Monday, March 15, 2010

Some things...

I apologize for my near- two week absence. I have been a sick, voiceless little girl. Weird weather always does this to me. Since I've had lots of time to lay in bed and think about the ups and downs of life- I've compiled a little list of things I would like to happen/posses in the very near and immediate future.

Some things I want:

1) A Peach Apartment. I know I go on and on about peach colored apartments and wanting to die in a lovely room but look at how serene this place is! I would never come home in a sour mood if my walls were painted such a lovely shade!

Look at all that natural sunlight! Gorgeous!

2) A Nice Embrace. It's been a while since I've had a hug that's lasted longer than 2 seconds. Those long hugs are nice. Especially when the other person is warm and they smell really good.

3) A Black Wide- Brimmed Sun Hat. Black sun hats are so glamorous and luxurious! I want to wear one and channel my inner Holly Golightly and Yoko Ono at the same time. (On a related note, I can't seem to finish Breakfast at Tiffany's for the life of me.)

4) Late Night Picnics (preferably alone). I am super excited about the warm weather because I just moved closer to the lake, meaning on those dreadful, stuffy summer nights I can stroll down to the beach with my black sun hat and some Thai food for a midnight feast!

I spent some time with my friend in Brooklyn this summer and the most fun I had was running around in the park at night. We leapt around like crazy people for an hour and went back to her house with dew - soaked clothes.

5) A journal to write/draw in. I've stopped writing. The result of which has been dire..I've had so many unbelievably amazing/dreadful experiences that I wish I could have captured. But every time I crack open my old journal to write, I just stare at it blankly before closing it again. Maybe it's time for a new book....maybe I should just make my own.

I hope everyone else is enjoying the weather if it's nice or enjoying their home if it's not.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Bright Star

Bright Star tells the story of the romance between Fanny Brawne and John Keats. It's a lush, complicated mood piece with an inevitable tragic ending.

Definitely another movie where I was hoping that love will prevail and they would be able to move to a farm out in the country and raise lots of chubby babies. It seems that passionate romances such as this must always be cut short in some brutal way. I can't imagine the pain... almost makes you want to not try.

I finished Bright Star at 3 a.m and then stood in front of my window for an hour to stare out at the street. I dreamt about green fields, swirling light blues, and a screaming woman which I later realized was my alarm.

"I have two luxuries to brood over in my walks, your Loveliness and the hour of my death. Or that I could have possession of them both in the same minute."

Wonderful soundtrack, vibrant colors, heartbreaking sonnets. Watch it and feel very sad...or very happy depending on how you look at it. Now all I want to do is write and roll around in green green grass.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Mortality and Me

I feel like napping for a thousand days in a giant snuggly comforter. Winter makes me want to paint a tiny shoe box pink and live in it until I die. I could even cut myself a hole to allow for natural sunlight!

Places I'd love to live/die in.

Wouldn't it be amazing to have a room like this? Then you can always pretend you're lost in the forest!!

Can't you picture me delicately sprawled across that luscious bed? Blood running cold and no pulse in my wrists. Gorgeous.

On an equally somber note, I did not get a chance to see Akram Khan Company Friday night. Too expensive! Instead, I went home and ate lots of broccoli and danced away my troubles to Broken Social Scene!! Huzzaah!!