Sunday, October 19, 2014

Wishful Thinking 1996

Recently I've had the pleasure of watching a deliciously 90's romantic comedy called Wishful Thinking. It's a story told in three parts about Elizabeth, (Jennifer Beals) who wants to marry her neurotic boyfriend Max, (James Le Gros) who in turn is the love obsession of his co worker, Lena (Drew Barrymore). Basically chaos ensues, couples get rearranged and everyone moves on to greener pastures and lives happily ever after.

The movie was cute and as I stated before -  deliciously 90's and Drew Barrymore's wardrobe consistently fucking nailed it.

Even though her character Lena was kind of devious and conniving there was something so wonderfully youthful and extravagant about her clothing choices. That fuzzy pink sweater, the tights with the glamorous heels? The printed skirt - love, love love it!

That dark red, velvet blazer is great! I remember when velvet was all the rage! I always sneaked and borrowed my sister's velvet shirts without her knowing. The see-through plastic bag is lovely as well. I own one but there's a big gaping hole in the bottom of it.

In the movie her nails are always painted and the polish color changes almost every scene. She also wears rings on every finger and accessories her outfits with a scarf or lots of buttons. Also: check out the holographic earrings!

Her apartment is really bright and cluttered with interesting objects as well: a place where you could totally see a character like her living. Definitely an example of the set designer, production designer, and costume designer working in harmony.


Since I love my readers (all two of you) I've decided to take it upon myself  to scour the internet for Lena- related accessories. Check them out, Let me know what you think!

Vintage Floral Tote from MyVintageFix.

Holographic Alien Earrings by Fatally Feminine.

Purple Ring by HardCandyGEMS.

Heart Print Scarf by PurplePossumUK

That's all for now - until next time!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Creature Comforts for Fall

Summer's ending and I'm sad. I'm going to miss the hot weather and street festivals and coming home to take a cool shower and cranking the AC. Fall leaves a bad taste in my mouth and I can feel it in my loins. Fall makes me think of school starting, short days, and homework assignments. 

The one thing I do really like about Fall (besides Halloween) is reconsidering my wardrobe for the upcoming season. Here are some things I'm wanting to spice this season up a bit:

Large Mirrored Backpack Satchel 

 I love shiny,silvery, reflective things so much. I also favor large bags because I'm a bit of a shopping bag lady and have to carry everything around with me. This bag is basically the perfect combination. 
$80 from Golden Ponies

Serinna Ankle boots

These shoes are basically sex and wine in a footwear format. That back zipper - delicious! These seem like the type of footwear required if you intend to hang out at a flashy club and sip a martini and glare at people or if you want to get in touch with your inner femme fatale...or both!
The only downside is they aren't real leather and they're 110 bucks! Perhaps setting up a Gofundme page is in order. These are available in two other colors as well from ALDO.

Knit Fingerless Armwarmers (Pumpkin Orange)

I'm the type of person that imagines scenarios in which I'd wear a garment. When I saw these I imagined myself spending an entire rainy, overcast fall day in Filter ( a local coffee shop) sipping caramel apple cider and  writing, reading, and drawing in my sketchbook while wearing these comfy looking arm warmers. I'd also be doing my best to ignore all the annoying people walking by on the side walk that like to tap on the window as they pass by. Available in a variety of colors for $48 from LeftTwistKnits on Etsy.

Zana Bayne Harnesses

These harness make me wanna die. They're amazing! I was introduced to this designer by a very fashionable and adorable girl that I hung out with a couple months ago and she was wearing one. What I like about them is that they could basically make any outfit look interesting and they could literally be worn everyday. They're real leather which means they can get kinda pricey (The cheapest is about $110) but they come in a small variety of different colors and they have some vegan options. I have been eyeing the basic harness style in clear PVC. They're available for sale here.

Happy fall!