Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Feeling Broochy...

I just finished the school Holiday Art Sale at school and it was pretty successful. I decided to sell lots of left over inventory but didn't manage to clear out all of it. None the less, making pretty things and having people express appreciation for them always make me smile.

I sold my usual etched metal jewelry but decided to try my hand at some silkscreen panels and those sold fairly well. Now, I'm thinking of expanding my horizons and selling some fun brooches!! I found all of these lovely ones while perusing the Internet at my boring office job today. Enjoy!

By fineDollyLolly

By Ribizla

By IndianBlue

By murmurfremo

This one is totally my fave:
Jayne Mansfield Brooch By ultravioletglam

I just like the idea of brooches because it gives you the excuse to wear elaborate art pieces on your clothes. Plus, what a dashing and gentlemanly way to spice things up! I hope you all enjoy eating tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Misfits - (SPOILERS!)

Just got out of work. Totally fatigued...totally bored...totally need to type so let's talk about: MISFITS!!


I learned about this show from perusing some of my favorite tumblr blogs. The plot seemed cool especially since I'm waaaay into supernatural tv shows, so I thought I'd give it a try. The premise: five kids from a community service program get struck by lightning in the middle of a freak electrical which gives them super powers. The superpowers they have aren't necessarily usual, yes there is a girl who can read minds (Kelly) and a boy who can rewind time (Curtis) but there's also a girl (Alisha) who sends people into passionate sexual rages after coming in contact with her skin.

Touching Alisha's (Antonia Thomas) skin with your bare hands will send you into a violent sexual frenzy!

You should be forewarned that this TV show is of the Skins variety, meaning it's rather raunchy with lots of foul language and graphic sex, which I wouldn't mind so much if I felt like the show was a bit more honest. I don't know how to quite explain it...but I feel a lot of these emotions don't quite ring true. Though there are some characters that you consistently feel sorry for (Simon) the episodes aren't particularly heartfelt (like Buffy for example), which could be fine depending on what you're into.


  • Yummy British accents!
  • Alisha and Simon are adorable! I'm also really impressed by the character growth of Alisha. She started out as such a miserable, selfish, shallow person but has grown into a very mature and kind character. I'm glad that her relationship with Curtis is no longer. With both of them being very popular and well-liked in their schools, I felt like them pairing up was rather obvious and easy.

    Hardcore Simon from the future - Delicious!
  • As the seasons progress you come to find out that many other people were affected by the storm and have developed some sort of abnormality as a result. The most ridiculous being a man who can control dairy products.


  • The character Nathan (Robert Sheehan) is the most annoying son of a bitch on television! I don't find him funny at all and often role my eyes every time the camera cuts to him. In fact, if he were to just disappear from the show and NEVER come back, I wouldn't bat an eyelash... and another thing: WHY IS HE ALWAYS PICKING ON SIMON???

Nathan (Robert Sheehan) The most annoying character on television.
  • Kelly's cockney accent is waaay too thick. Most of the time beyond recognition. I find myself having to rewind her speaking parts just so I can make out her sentences. Her power (telepathy) is pretty useful though. Though I'd imagine knowing exactly what everyone thought about you all the time could be kind of a bummer.
  • The body count is ridiculously high and at times is gratuitous. Seriously,why so many murders? And no one's suspicious of the fact that TWO of their community service supervisors have gone missing??!!
Final Verdict: Watch this if your favorite supernatural TV show is on hiatus and all the house work is done. Or watch it for the amazing soundtrack and the Alisha/Simon progression.

I found all of the episodes uploaded on youtube. Hulu has it as well but I was having an incredibly difficulty loading it.

Happy Wednesday!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

A New Update

The semester is over and I'm left to process and contemplate the upcoming summer and my final year. One thing I tried this semester (and simultaneously loved and hated) was Stop Motion Animation. Below is one of the many short films I shot during the semeser during the course of my intro class. The main character is named Mr. Monkey and is my second favorite puppet creation (the first i will debut at a later date.) But for now feast your eyes on A Monkey and His Objects.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Ring Around The Rosey

I love this music video in spite of myself. I'm kind of a prude so the subject matter makes me blush, but honestly I can see myself listening to this song if I needed a little pick me up.

I'm loving the outfits with the Marie Antoinette style wigs...and some of the improvised dance moves make me giggle. I'm curious about the little girls in the intro, though. Because if I was a parent, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't allow my little girl to be in a video such as this. Thoughts?