Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Bright Star

Bright Star tells the story of the romance between Fanny Brawne and John Keats. It's a lush, complicated mood piece with an inevitable tragic ending.

Definitely another movie where I was hoping that love will prevail and they would be able to move to a farm out in the country and raise lots of chubby babies. It seems that passionate romances such as this must always be cut short in some brutal way. I can't imagine the pain... almost makes you want to not try.

I finished Bright Star at 3 a.m and then stood in front of my window for an hour to stare out at the street. I dreamt about green fields, swirling light blues, and a screaming woman which I later realized was my alarm.

"I have two luxuries to brood over in my walks, your Loveliness and the hour of my death. Or that I could have possession of them both in the same minute."

Wonderful soundtrack, vibrant colors, heartbreaking sonnets. Watch it and feel very sad...or very happy depending on how you look at it. Now all I want to do is write and roll around in green green grass.

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