Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Mortality and Me

I feel like napping for a thousand days in a giant snuggly comforter. Winter makes me want to paint a tiny shoe box pink and live in it until I die. I could even cut myself a hole to allow for natural sunlight!

Places I'd love to live/die in.

Wouldn't it be amazing to have a room like this? Then you can always pretend you're lost in the forest!!

Can't you picture me delicately sprawled across that luscious bed? Blood running cold and no pulse in my wrists. Gorgeous.

On an equally somber note, I did not get a chance to see Akram Khan Company Friday night. Too expensive! Instead, I went home and ate lots of broccoli and danced away my troubles to Broken Social Scene!! Huzzaah!!


Nicole Bergman said...

I LOVE the second one! It looks like so much fun.

zombieuterus said...

I know!!! It looks like an abandoned Sesame Street set!