Saturday, February 20, 2010

Papins and Porcelain

Just recently watched Sister My Sister. The muted colors, the pointed black shoes and the constant rain set the perfect tone for such a Gothic thriller. Sister My Sister is a lose adaptation of the lives of the Papin Sisters who were two introverted maids that brutally killed their mistress and her daughter in 1933. I find this story so intriguing and sad yet so close to home for some odd reason.

The Papin Sisters circa 1933. I really want this photo on my nightstand.

Christine and Lea Papin stabbed their employers to death and ripped out their eyeballs and fingernails with their bare hands. Christine, the older sister was sentenced to death but was sent to an asylum instead (which was customary for death row females during that time) where she died from cachexia four years later. Lea, the younger one served about 8 years imprisonment and then worked as a chamber maid until her death in 1982, though some recent evidence points to otherwise. The Papin sisters never saw each other after their trial, though Christine reportedly begged for Lea often.

An actual photo from the Papin Sister's Trial. I'm sure you can guess who that is in the back with the long face.

Since the two sisters were found naked in bed together the night of the murder, there was speculation surrounding the nature of their relationship. Of course the movie played up the whole incestuous thing but I was less bothered by it than I thought I would be. To me it seemed that they were both developing sexually but had no one else to explore that with and so they became each other's outlet. They were really all they had. It did, however, make me think of stereotypes relating to "hysteria" and the sexually frustrated woman. Anyone who's seen High Tension might agree with me.

The Papin Sisters in bed together in Sister My Sister.

From Murderous Maids Another Papin Sisters adaptation.

A pretty ingenious Papin Sisters Halloween costume. I might have to borrow this idea! Try not to notice that weird bald guy in black.

I would have liked this movie a whole lot better had it not ended in a violent killing spree. I kind of wanted the girls to save up enough money to go purchase a farm and live long, healthy, and happy lives. But such is life...

Anyway, Watch it and tell me what you think…

On a side note I can't get this song out of my head:


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