Monday, April 26, 2010

Veggin' out!

Can I just say that I looooove getting payed? In fact, as soon as I got payed last week, I high- tailed it over to Kramer's Health Food store to partake in some tasty vegetarian delights.

A short list of the things I consumed:

A "BLT" with soy - based bacon, packed with thick slices of veggies and fresh sprouts. Like I died and went to veggie bacon heaven!

Peanut butter cookie from the Alternative Baking Company (vegan). I only do these once in a while because they're so rich and dense but gooood for those mid - day sugar highs.

I used to hate Kombucha but it has undoubtedly grown on me. Good for flushing the system but tastes like you're getting punched in the mouth.

Btw, I've got a lovely recipe for a barley salad if any of you out there are interested!

Eat vegetables and listen to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs!


Stephanie said...

wow that sandwich looks amazing!

zombieuterus said...

Trust me, it was like electric shocks going through my body!!

SLY said...

Can I have more details regarding that veggie bacon? Who makes it and where I can buy some and do you really swear it's good!

zombieuterus said...