Tuesday, November 11, 2008

critiques, crafts, and pretty pictures

I've been feeling incredibly uninterested in the work I've been doing. I'm experiencing a disconnect. I had a semi-awful critique the other day but a part of me is glad it happened. It was for a project in my sculpture class. I was told that my artwork tends to be very feminine and "crafty". I would have been less bothered if it wasn't said with such dripping disgust.

I don't want to become the stereotypical girl who always produces work relating to the female body and identity...but it's hard because that's what interests me the most. But anyway, that critique was helpful...I realized that it's time for me to experiment with new mediums. I want to try something difficult and I don't really care if I fail or not because at least I stopped doing what's familiar.

Lilly Piri

Travis Louie

Meg Hunt

On a side note, my western music class is becoming ridiculous. I seem to have inherited the role of class bitch. I'm really frustrated with everyone else because no one will speak up and say how they honestly feel...even though by 10:30, half the class is asleep.


Lauren said...

I'm glad you're going to push yourself more out of what is expected of you. But if you gravitate to certain ideas that's not a bad thing. I've been trying to do things that I normally wouldn't be interested in in my other class and I think that attributes to my sucking. You do what you love.

And class bitch is the best role everrr. Sometimes you get put in that position because you say what you feel but you have to keep doing it for the benefit of everyone.

Strange Fruit said...

I get stuck in the same funk. I am so interested by women and how their minds have formed in so many different ways. And I feel like that's always what comes out, and even though I'm proud of my work, I secretly wish I had thought of something more "original". Blah. Keep pushing. You have an amazing inner quiet to you (or at least that's what I feel I see) and I'm sure you'll find something.