Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Incredible Feats of Puppetry

Saturday night I went to see the Winter Pageant Redux at Redmoon Theater. Going back to Redmoon made me feel a little lonely because I miss them all so very much and I just wanted to hop on stage and play along with them. The objects were beautiful and well made. There were wonderful light up fish puppets and strange amphibian masks and a huge scuba diving suit. I had “snow” thrown at me, water squirted in my face and occasionally one of the puppeteers would scream out “MAEGAN!”

I left feeling a little betrayed that Redmoon had moved on without me but at least I got to see everyone again.

Redmoon's Winter Pageant Redux

Incidentally I saw Blair Thomas’s show the week before at the MCA. The Ox Herder’s Tale. During pre-show my friend and I chatted in the lobby and every time Blair walked past us, we’d stop talking and just sort of stare at him. He, of course, had no idea who he we were but was nice enough when we introduced ourselves after the show. I was completely embarrassed and shy, so I spoke to him while looking at my hands but he kept repeating my name and his hand was warm and soft when he shook mine.

Blair Thomas's The Ox Herder's Tale

The show was unique, not exactly what I was expecting. There were some very powerful moments that really resonated with me like the life-size magician puppet walking in slow motion through the air and the appearance of the raging bull on stilts.

Afterwards I talked puppet business with the ladies and then went home to enjoy a lovely grapefruit.

I am very much looking forward to the upcoming break. I don’t think I’ve been taking care of myself emotionally and physically the way that I should be…I’ve pulled way too many all-nighters and have lately been held up in my house. It would be nice to eat REAL food and hang out with my family. Plus…my Aunt promised to make me a salad!!!


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Lauren said...

Haha, oh how I forgot how excited you'd get over a salad!

Glad the shows went well, wish I went instead of gallery opening, feh.