Thursday, December 4, 2008

2 reasons why I should have been a dancer.

Akram Khan Company & National Ballet of China

The Peeping Tom Collective
Le Sous Sol

I am obsessed with movement and strong bodies and the feeling of having so much control. Plus they look like they're having so much fun! I have a slight problem with picking up on choreography, though.

My final performance is moving along. Of course I changed a bunch of things last minute and now I have to tweak all the movements to fit my concept. I got a little lost there for a second. I get kind of worried about whether or not my work is "interesting" or if people will respond to it. I think I've been really careful of not being too reliant on media or repetition to carry my piece. I'm sure that all will go well, if I play things honestly.

Critique week is fucking me up. This whole not having class thing has somehow put in my mind that I'm already on break, making it extremely difficult for me to get on the ball with my million other projects. I've even deviated from the schedule I've layed out for myself and I fear that I might have to conclude this semester with a week of no sleep. I am sooo looking forward to Christmas.


tif said...

the first video is insane. (i love it)

agreed on the choreography, but oddly enough i could do it darn near perfect the next day in my own home (in regards to our co-experience in the T.B. master class).

i think it's the social situation that creates anxiety with choreography. at home you can go your own pace. schedule is a mess.

zombieuterus said... took me a while to catch on but then when I finally got in it, I would forget certain bits.

I wish she had taught us instead of that random guy.

I can't wait until your opening!