Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Later in life

My live sculpture went very well. I was a live Christmas tree. I wore a green dress and green shoes and stood in a tree stand, while my friend painted me green, strung lights and decorations around me and hung ornaments in my hair. I held myself in that position for about 45 minutes, I could have gone longer but I didn't want to miss the other acts going on. The event was actually quite fun. There was a good turn out but there were more performers than non-performers so it wound up feeling like this event just for us.

I danced, I got to be in a fashion show (my first), I ate a shit-load of sweet potatoes, and I walked around with sick sticky green paint on my body for a while (I still gave out hugs anyway). So YES!! Too bad it was negative three that night.

Anyway, the holidays are troubling me. Only because I get to see all of my family and eat good food, and laugh, and work, and get good sleep and then it all ends and my sister has to go away again and then I get sad. Her flight left at about 6 this morning...

I've been productive. I've been embroidering, crocheting, sewing, writing, and reading like mad. Partly because of my portfolio and the other part because I'm behind on Christmas presents...sorry dudes, you know who you are. I haven't forgotten, I just suck.

I've been on this website religiously for the past three weeks:


I've also been reading The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger. She's a book and paper artist based out of Chicago. She graduated from SAIC and now teaches at Columbia. Some of her work:

From The Three Incestuous Sisters (one of my favorite books)

Also from The Three Incestuous Sisters

...my mother almost named me Madison


Lauren said...

I expect pictures immmmmmediately. :) I love when an event is more like a shared act for friends over an audience.

It makes it more special when you see people for such a short time and know to make the best of it. Luckily when I get the beads done for your dress, we'll get it photographed for my portfolio. <3 (Though it'll be short lived and go in the case for a teensy but of time).

Yay conjoined twins. It looks like Henry Darger-Dame Darcy all in one.

zombieuterus said...

Yeah her work is reminiscent of both. It's also a little Edward Gorey-esque.

Yeah, it's true. I tried to make the best of it. I just have a hard time saying goodbye, I guess <3